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Our marketplace services encompass a suite of solutions aimed at enhancing your presence and sales on major online platforms like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, and more. We specialize in optimizing product listings, managing inventories, and driving visibility to maximize your sales potential across these platforms.

Marketplace Services
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Amazon Marketplace

Amazon Marketplace is an online platform that connects buyers and sellers, offering a vast array of products across numerous categories. It serves as a global hub where businesses, from independent sellers to established brands, showcase their merchandise to millions of potential customers.

This dynamic marketplace provides an avenue for sellers to reach a broad audience, leveraging Amazon’s extensive infrastructure and customer base. Sellers can list a wide variety of products, from electronics and household items to clothing and beyond, allowing them to tap into a massive pool of online shoppers.

For buyers, Amazon Marketplace offers convenience, choice, and competitive pricing. With a user-friendly interface and robust search capabilities, customers can explore an extensive catalog of products, read reviews, compare prices, and make purchases with ease.


310+ million


9.7+ million

What we Offer

We offer end-to-end services to assist sellers like you in establishing and managing your presence on the platform.

Our comprehensive services cover everything from account setup and product listing optimization to inventory management, marketing campaigns, and logistics solutions. We aim to provide a seamless experience, ensuring your products receive the visibility they deserve on Amazon Marketplace.

Please let us know your specific requirements or any questions you may have, and we’ll be more than happy to discuss how our services align with your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How beneficial is it to launch a product on Amazon?2024-01-08T02:50:42+00:00

Launching a product on Amazon can be highly beneficial for various reasons:

  1. Vast Customer Reach: Amazon has a massive global customer base, offering sellers access to millions of potential customers.
  2. Increased Visibility: Products listed on Amazon gain visibility to a broad audience, potentially leading to higher sales.
  3. Trusted Platform: Amazon’s brand reputation instills trust in buyers, increasing the likelihood of purchases.
  4. Fulfillment Options: Services like Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) can streamline shipping and customer service, enhancing the buyer experience.
  5. Advertising Tools: Amazon offers various advertising options to promote products and improve their visibility.
  6. Market Insights: Sellers gain valuable insights into market trends, customer behavior, and competition, aiding in business decisions.
How are payments processed for sales made on Amazon?2024-01-08T02:16:42+00:00

Amazon disburses payments to sellers every two weeks for orders completed within that period. Payments are made to the seller’s bank account, minus Amazon fees and any applicable charges.

How does Amazon shipping and fulfillment work for sellers?2024-01-08T02:07:07+00:00

Sellers can choose to fulfill orders themselves or use Amazon FBA, where Amazon manages storage, shipping, and customer service. With FBA, sellers send their products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

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139+ million


18+ million

Ebay Marketplace

eBay Marketplace stands as a diverse online platform where sellers and buyers worldwide come together to trade an extensive variety of items across numerous categories. It acts as a global marketplace, enabling transactions between individual sellers, small businesses, and well-established brands.

For sellers, eBay offers a platform to showcase an extensive range of products, from electronics and fashion items to collectibles and unique finds. Sellers can list both new and used items, setting their own prices and utilizing auction-style or fixed-price listings to engage with a broad audience of potential buyers.

Buyers benefit from eBay’s diverse offerings, where they can explore a wide variety of products from different sellers, often at competitive prices. The platform fosters an environment where shoppers can bid on items through auctions or purchase immediately through fixed-price listings, providing flexibility in shopping options.

What we Offer

We provide comprehensive services tailored to help sellers like you establish and oversee your presence on the platform.

Our services encompass account setup, optimizing product listings, managing inventory, running marketing campaigns, and offering logistics solutions. Our goal is to deliver a seamless experience, ensuring your products gain the visibility they need on the eBay platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I sell on eBay?2024-01-08T12:05:20+00:00

There are so many reasons to sell:

  • eBay is the second largest third-party marketplace in the world
  • High-volume, highly relevant traffic source of potential customers
  • Flexibility to customize and develop strategies for product visibility
  • Great marketplace to diversify your brand presence
  • It’s easier than ever to list what you’re selling and get it seen by people looking for it
  • List up to 200 items for free every month, and only pay when they sell!
What does it mean to promote listings on eBay?2024-01-08T11:53:53+00:00

As part of our service, we’ll handle the following tasks:

  1. Analyzing semantics and building a semantic core for listings.
  2. Crafting optimized texts considering product specifics and buyer queries for titles and descriptions.
  3. Developing visual content, including photo editing, infographics, and instructional images.
  4. Designing HTML listing templates.
  5. Uploading content to eBay (listing).
  6. Liaising with eBay support.
  7. Crafting Storefronts (brand pages).

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